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So you’re new to stand-up comedy? Don’t be like me.

I am not sure if this is more of a "How-to" article, or something in the way of a confessional, but as a young stand-up comic I made some early mistakes that set me back from my goals that I would like to share with newer comics. It should be noted that in relative...

13 Suggestions for Getting Booked as a Stand-up Comedian

Booking gigs sucks, so here are some tips to get the right gig more often. 1. Know Your Limits: First things first, take a look in the mirror and come to terms with where you are at. Don't book yourself for something you are not ready for. Not only will it go poorly...

10 Types of People Comedians Meet After a Show

Every comedy show has the drunk guy, the bachelorette party, and the woman that is inevitably going to embarrass her husband by getting called out by the comic and fighting back. However, after the show is an entirely different story. When the stage barrier is broken...

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