Multi-Level Marketed Tears

You can listen to this podcast, but first you must recruit four more teachers to sell this podcast for you. Sound like a pyramid scheme? It is. Listen in as we binge wine, and tell you the secret to retiring early. Hint: It involves selling your organs. Listen now to the only podcast approved by Kim Jong IV.

Tears of Yellow

The beginning of Summer Break is here, but at what cost? Will Devin ever get his checklist completed without seeing red from the yellow? What happens when a Principal decides to take a strip club detour on the field trip, and let’s hand out some end of the year trophies to your favorite teacher pet peeves.

Tears of The Dap

A teacher list of slang goes viral, we all mocked him but then discovered that we might not know what these kids are saying either. Ever have a teacher go off the rails? Are you that teacher? Don’t throw your phone at a child, plug in the headphones you took from a student and take a listen.