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Crying in My Car: A Podcast for Teachers

A humor filled look at the world of teaching, teachers in the news, and anything else that I can make funny to take our mind of the fact that we are teachers.

Tears of The D Drawings

How many D's can just one student draw on a desk and why does it have to be so lifelike? What lengths will one teacher go to just to get away from his students? And this podcast is nice and short, because I know, as a teacher, you probably have to pee.

Tears of Parent/Teacher Conferences

How many assault charges does it take to become an effective high school coach? And what type of parents do you meet at a PTC? We break them down, with only a minor slow down in the "scohol" zone.

About Crying in My Car

Crying in My Car is hosted by Nationally Touring Comedian and Teacher, Devin Siebold. Co-host is comedian Mike Lee. All episodes are for entertainment, so if you are admin, please don’t fire me.


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Meet The Hosts

Devin Siebold

Devin Siebold

Mike Lee

Mike Lee

Devin and Mike have been working on creative projects for years. Devin has had a lot of success with the teacher comedy and Mike has had success in the radio world, so combining the two talents was a natural fit. 

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