Tears of a Fashion-D-sta

MrDTimes3, Joe Dombrowski joins the guys on this episode to talk do’s and do harder when it comes to fashion in the classroom. Mike gives us the low down on his encounter with the mob in Chicago, and it still doesn’t match the dangers of teaching. Teachers in the news rounds it out.

Tears of Class Lists

Class lists are rolling in and teachers’ eyes are rolling back. What is the best way to set up your classroom besides putting your desk in the hallway? A superintendent gets headbutted and after finding out how much he is paid, Mike and Devin volunteer to do it again. Finally, Devin makes a Suge Knight reference to stay hip.

Tears of Sugar Daddies

Devin and Mike take on the infamous “How was your summer” icebreakers. We discuss teachers looking for Sugar Daddies in NYC. Then we try to get to the bottom of teachers giving out zeros in class, but give up and still get 50 percent of the problem solved! Lastly, we talk teacher perks… kind of.

Tears of Stupid Questions

Mike flaunts his 800+ credit score to Devin as he flaunts his 800+ overdrafts. We talk about a teacher that goes on an annual purge of drunken debauchery and trespassing. Lastly, Devin rounds up all the best responses to stupid questions asked in the classroom and we crown a winner.